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Connect Worldwide Camps

Living the Mission Internationally: Setting the Scene

Atenas, Costa Rica: March 3rd – 5th 

Connect Camps is officially Worldwide! After years of partnering with over 2,000 churches to serve over 355,000 campers across the country, we have joined hands with the community of Atenas, Costa Rica and the church of Templo Batista, a partnering church of Willowbrooke Church in Huntsville, Alabama to expand the impact of Connect’s mission and ultimately grow the Kingdom. 

Gabe Norris shared, “We create remarkable experiences that help the church meet new people. The opportunity we have in Atenas, Costa Rica could not be more aligned with Connect’s mission and Abba’s heart for his Church.”

This week, the Connect Worldwide Camps team is pioneering what it looks like to live this mission internationally. Follow along throughout the week to hear how God is working through the team, and what you can be praying for as the team helps the church meet new people!

Creating Remarkable Experiences

With a full weekend of traveling, training and equipping both the Connect Worldwide Camps team and the Templo Batista church staff, opportunities to exemplify “Remarkable” were endless and the team took every opportunity to do just that. Be Remarkable. Anna Head loved seeing the relational ingredient of Remarkable lived out through her teammate, Hannah Puckett!

“I loved watching Hannah get to know the kids in small groups this morning. She was able to build really meaningful relationships with the kids and even made secret handshakes with some of the boys in the class, and they were so excited to talk to her and get to know her all day long.”

Helping the Church

Helping the church is the heartbeat of Connect, and Nate Thomas’s favorite moment of watching the Connect team help the church this weekend was quite simple, but meaningful. 

Nate expressed, “Watching Luke Schneider intentionally and thoughtfully equip Henry [a Templo Batista church member] how to remarkably teach a skill warmed my heart. He didn’t cut corners. He only took incredible care of the church through taking his time to ensure Henry felt confident in the material.” 

Meet New People

This week, the Connect Camps Worldwide team and the Templo Batista church staff will have the opportunity to step into two schools in the Atenas community, sharing the gospel, creating FUN experiences and building relationships. Training weekend was a crucial step in making the week ahead a success! 

Fer Chavis, a Templo Batista staff member shared her overwhelming gratitude for the Connect team’s time and willingness to coach their members and staff on how to be remarkable in the community. 

“Getting to see so many of our church family members break out of their shell throughout the training brought me true joy. I cannot wait to see how the time we spent learning this weekend translates to our church meeting new people in the community this week.”

Up Next

A whole week of camp lies before the Connect Worldwide Camps Team! Keep up with the individual stories and moments that will continue to be shared right here!

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