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[2024 Registration goes live on February 18th at 2PM EST! Get Notified](https://connectcamps.com/get-notified/)
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be prepared Staff Questions

We know that committing to working for a full summer is a huge commitment and we are so thankful you have taken advantage of that opportunity. Our goal is to make the time leading up to summer as smooth as possible, so below you will find the answers to some questions you may have along with answers you didn’t know you needed.

When you were hired, you committed to arriving at Staff Training on Friday, May 27th. If you are a specialty position you may be asked to arrive early to allow for extra training. Departure will be on Sunday, July 31st.

We know that there are many things that are happening during the summer outside of the camp world. However, it is our policy that summer staff must be present during all camp work days, any weekend events such as a wedding must be approved by your Camp Director and Point Person.

The weekends are different than other days of the week. Friday is an abbreviated day of camp, ending at 12:00 pm. Once camp concludes, you will help your team tear down and  load up all of the equipment into your truck. Saturdays will be used to travel to your next location. Some drives may be longer than others, which may mean your team will leave after truck pack on Friday. Once you arrive at the next location you will either stay at the hotel to rest or go out and do something fun as a team. Sunday morning you will attend church at one of the partnering local churches. Once the church services concludes, your team will change clothes, eat lunch and start setting up camp. Once set up is complete, you will go back to your hotel/host home to prepare for the week ahead.

A packing list is coming soon!  You are allowed three items total to pack in: a trunk, duffle bag, and bookbag. You must fit everything you need inside those items. We do require all Summer Staff to pack in a specific trunk. That trunk can be purchased by following this link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/CONTICO-Rolling-Tool-Box-32-W-x-17-D-x-12-1-4-H-1320BK-1/2476189


Teams and locations will be announced on March 23rd. 

Schedule Coming Soon!

Camp days for Summer Staff will start early in the morning before the sun rises. Your team will set up for the day of camp  till about 7:00am. The camp day begins at 7:45am for campers and check-out is at 5pm. After check-out you will reset the camp to get ready for the next day.  You will then eat dinner with your team and head back to the hotel. There will be some days you may go to the store, have a party at a house, or enjoy a special activity with your team.

During the week of camp, you will stay at a host home from some members of the church you are serving at. This is a great way for you to be poured into, while also sleeping in your own comfy bed. During travel, we will unfortunately not be able to stay in host homes, so Connect will book hotel rooms for you and your team to rest.

Yes! Every single week your team will make a run to a local store so that you can pick up some of your personal needs.  

Each team will be traveling around this summer in 15 passenger vans and 26 foot equipment trucks. Teams will also all be traveling together making the summer a 9 week road trip with over 16 of your newest best friends.

You will either travel to Staff Training by Car or Plane. If you live within a 250 radius of Staff Training  you will drive to staff training and Connect will reimburse you by the mile once you arrive at Staff Training. If you live outside that radius then Connect will book you a flight and insure you have transportation from the airport to Staff Training. Be on the lookout for your travel survey in March!

If you need help filling out your Onboarding Documents, you can email our staff team at [email protected] or call Lucy at 706-426-4160. The link to fill out these documents is coming soon!

Connect Camps Staffers are not to take pictures of campers with their personal cameras/cellphones or download pictures from our parent site and post them on personal social media networks. Staff may not post anything that violates any of our policies during the summer, or if you are employed or formally represent Connect Camps in the off season (campus connect, marketing crew, etc). Staff may not post a picture with a camper or a minor volunteer.  

At all times:

  • One piece bathing suits for women and finger tip length suits/shorts for men at the pool/Beach.
  • All shorts (men and women) must be fingertip length at all times.
  •  Hair must be a natural color, and must be conservatively cut for men.
  • No clothing should ever show a staffer’s undergarments.

“After Hours”: (Time not spent at camp facility or host home. EX: When you get back to the hotel, change into “plain clothes”, and on the weekends when you aren’t at church, a host home, or setting up, or time spent at a Connect Camps staff training event.)

  • Girls may wear leggings, provided they are thick enough to not show undergarments and are worn with a shirt long enough to cover your backside. 
  • Tattoos may be shown, provided the tattoo itself is appropriate and does not represent anything prohibited by any other staff guidelines (i.e. images of alcohol, profanity, etc)
  • Staffers may wear sleeveless (three finger width) shirts.
  • Piercings may be worn.

“Camp Hours”: (You’re in uniform - from the time you leave the host home until the time you get back. And, at church, time on weekends spent at a host home or setting up at church/camp facility, or time spent at a Connect Camps Host Training Event.)

  • All tattoos must be completely covered at all times.
  • Women may wear earrings - up to two holes per ear.
  • A clear plug may be worn to protect a nose or cartilage piercing.
  • Men must be clean-shaven.

If you have Dietary Restrictions, notify your director so that they can begin making accommodations.

Connect will again provide compensation to cover the cost of you getting home. If you live within a 250 mile radius of staff banquet, we will reimburse mileage. If you live outside that radius, we will book you a flight home. 

If you have a question that is not answered on the FAQ page, contact our Staff Team by emailing [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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