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Ready for Summer 2023? Registration is Live! Register Now
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Happy Easter from Connect Camps

You can’t believe everything you hear. You can’t believe everything you read. These days, you can’t even always believe everything you see. We’re often left to wonder, especially in trying times, if there is anything we can believe or anything we can trust. This world is full of temporary and untrustworthy options. Our God is the opposite of temporary—He never changes and is worthy of all our trust.

Our trustworthy God has given us His Word. We can trust His Word to guide us, comfort us, teach us, embolden us, and enrich us. We can trust His Word is true and applicable to our lives. In His Word, we learn about who He is, His character, and the way He designed for us to best live in this world. Need wisdom? Peace? Direction? Faith? Find them all in the Word the very God of the universe chose to provide for us. You can meet Him in His Word and explore His Word with Him throughout your life. No matter if you find yourself in good times, bad times, or in-between-times, you can always trust His Word.

With the “Happy Easter” family guide, revisit one of the Big Ideas from camp in summer 2021!  Learn as a family how the God who came to save the world is the most trustworthy of all. Download the guide today to learn as a family about the trustworthy character of God our Father.


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