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Connect Worldwide Camps

Living the Mission Internationally: Day One

Atenas, Costa Rica: March 6th

Day one of camp has come to a close, and we don’t think words can describe the joy of the campers, teachers and church members that we got to witness today. Campers were so quick to jump into the activities with a SMILE! Uplifting stories from today are coming your way…

Creating Remarkable Experiences

Even on day one, there simply wasn’t a shortage of remarkable experiences. Just ONE example of remarkable being lived out internationally was shared by Natalie Jones about her teammate and summer LT member, Josh Robertson. 

“Watching Josh find ways to connect with campers in a relevant way, even through the language barrier was truly remarkable. I loved watching him encourage the campers to buy into the Kava culture through his high energy.”

Helping the Church

Fostering relationships with campers is one simple way that the Connect Worldwide Camps team is helping the church. Abi-Ananiah Prudent celebrated Anna Juliao and the way she helped the church through cultivating relationships with campers. 

“Getting to experience each day alongside Anna has brought the biggest smile to my face. Seeing her enjoy cross-cultural communication with the campers, sitting with them and being present in every moment has been really special. ” 

Meet New People

While everyone on our Connect Worldwide Camps team would probably love to stay in Costa Rica a little longer, the reality is at the end of the week, we will return to the States and Templo Batista will stay with the community of Atenas.

Faith Storck, the Children’s Ministry Assistant at Live Oak Church [a host church for Connect Camps] who is a part of our Connect Worldwide Camps team shared the importance of equipping the Templo Batista church during our time in Atenas.

“I saw the Connect team empowering the church to facilitate every session of camp today. It was heartwarming to watch as the team intentionally encouraged the Templo Batista staff to take ownership of the camp day.”

Up Next

Tomorrow is a BRAND NEW day! We look forward to sharing more stories of God’s presence here in Atenas, Costa Rica. More to come!

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